We Do Legal translationWe Do Legal translation

Translate your legal documents by our hand-picked professional linguists.

Legal translation is the process of transferring written information from one language to another language within the given legal system. Legal translation is a very complex service because it involves judiciary systems which are different in each country.

As your translators, we have the necessary knowledge of the minutest details to make sure that your requirements are met.

We, at Gallop Translations, provide legal translation and interpretation services by experts in the field. We have an extensive network of language professionals. As per your requirements, we partner you with a legal translator that:

  • Knows the language you are targeting
  • Is an expert in your field of law
  • Is certified to work in the court of law

Legal Translation

We have a carefully hired team of legal translation experts. They understand the terminology and legal systems used around the world. We provide full legal translation services that include:

  • Legal document translation
  • Court interpreting
  • Certified legal translation
  • Guaranteed USCIS accepted translation
  • Compliance with university or high school requirements
  • Mirror-image, legally binding contract translation
  • Civil lawsuit translation
  • Sworn or certified translation with free certification for all documents
  • Translation affidavits


We certify any legal document, including:

  • Passports
  • Adoption papers
  • Legal name change documentation
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Academic transcripts and diplomas
  • Medical records


We have offered an option where you can keep our legal translators on retainer. Our legal translation retainer program gives you consistency and ease. It helps in connecting you to language experts who specialize in your specific field of law. Also, it helps in giving you access to the rare languages that you may come across.

With the retainer program, you are connected to the rarest languages in time. When you come across a client who speaks a language you have never encountered, we will give you a translator who is aware of that language within hours of your request.

We aim to keep the communication process effortless. With the help of our legal translation retainer program, you no longer have to waste your time looking for the best translator for your case. We have got you covered. We will do the searching and provide you with the best legal translator.

Legal Document Translation in Any Language

Laws are different in different countries; therefore, it is important to adopt the legal texts used in each state to avoid lawsuits. Legal document translation need to be precise and accurate when defining the rights and the obligations of the parties.

For accurate legal document translation, the authorized translation provider only has to be fluent in the languages but also has to have a vast understanding of the terminologies being used.

Gallop Translations being a leading translation company, we assure you that all the documents are handled with accuracy and efficiency. We translate every detail of your materials and confirm that the translation are 100% correct.

Moreover, we provide you with certified legal translation and legal translation affidavits for all sorts of documents which includes birth certificates, passports, and driver’s license.

It is important to select a trustworthy legal translation agency that has guaranteed certification and expertise in the legal terminologies being used. Gallop Translations are exactly that. Trust us with your legal translation, and we ensure that all your documents will be translated with 100% accuracy every time.

Certified Legal Translation

If you are looking to translate documents for a high-school transfer, a university application, or an immigration acceptance, then you will need certified translation. For certified translation, you will need a professional certified legal translation company that will provide you with accurate and timely services.

The professionals at Gallop Translations run your legal papers through a rigorous quality check system to make sure that you get a 100% accurate translation of your documents. Then we provide you with a signed certificate of accuracy, which is completely free of charge. Also, if you require a translation affidavit, we will provide you with that too.

All of the translation are backed by a lifetime guarantee. This means that if any of our translation do not meet the requirements of any institution, we will adjust it until you have what you need!

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