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We translate your subtitles for local viewership.

Video is becoming an ever-present medium in the digital era, whether it's social media campaigns, video tutorials, or webinars. Consumers and businesses are creating, watching, and sharing more and more videos.

Translating the subtitles, titles, and descriptions of your videos is a very effective way to get your message across to international users and boost your user base and site/channel views on a global scale.

Gallop Translations can handle every stage of your video subtitling project, with a particular focus on any specific requirements you may have. If you do not already have subtitles in the original language, we will offer you our transcription service first, giving us a base to work from in order to create the translation.

Subtitle translation is a technical specialization that requires the skills and experience of expert linguists. They must be able to convey the original message without leaving out any relevant information while still reducing the number of words needed in places. In addition to translating the words themselves, subtitlers must adapt the text to the limited number of characters per second (and per line) as well as following spacing rules. There are many factors to be taken into account to ensure that your target audience can easily read and understand your subtitles.

For more than 10 years, Gallop Translations has been offering high-quality subtitle translation services in over 40 languages, always choosing native-speaking professional translators from its exclusive network of 16,144 vetted linguists based around the world. To ensure that the appropriate terminology is used in each language, we select our translators based on the subject matter of your video.

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